Why Work With Su-Pad?

Why Work With Su-Pad ?


Su-Pad was founded in 1987 as a supplier of equipment and machinery to the plastics industry, specializing in injection molding.

Su-Pad is a family company, managed by Pini Sadeh and David Cohen, both with extensive experience of the production technologies of plastic products.

Over the years, the company has successfully taken on the representation of leading companies in the world in the fields of machinery and peripheral equipment, while developing special professional skills such as ultrasonic welding and laser welding of plastic products and three-dimensional printing.

Su-Pad is the undisputed leader in these fields. In 2005, Ziv Sadeh joined the company, taking on the technical management and marketing of the peripheral equipment. 

The company is unique in its ability to serve every customer as a turnkey project leader. The company provides a turnkey project service in all areas: it may be a complete production cell of one product from raw material to packaging or the supply of equipment and machinery for a multi-purpose production line or the construction of an entire plant – it will all be done by Su-Pad and with its support and assistance.

Su-Pad is considered the best equipment supplier and service provider in the sector, due to the perfect combination it has created between its suppliers, its managers, and its staff, who strive to provide the most suitable equipment and machinery with the emphasis on professional reliability along with a consulting service of the highest level, but also – and mainly – with the emphasis on fairness and integrity toward the customer

Purchasing equipment from Su-pad provides a customer two unique benefits:

1.    Su-Pad Up, current theoretical and practical updates on the equipment he has, and if it justifies more intelligent use of resources it holds in-plant courses to improve the functioning of the equipment operators.

2.    current updates on options to upgrade equipment to improve the work processes and/or shorten production timetables and save energy and operating costs. With this approach – a  customer oriented approach – that makes the customer the main priority, an approach which is mostly routine, at no cost – Su-Pad is highly esteemed by its customers and benefits from many return customers and new customers every year.