Why Work With Su-Pad?

Why Work With Su-Pad ?

Su-pad was established in 1987 as a supplier of machines and equipment to the Israeli plastics industry specializing in injection molding. Su-Pad is a family-owned business managed by Messrs. Pini Sadeh and Dudi Cohen, both backed by extensive experience and know-how in plastics manufacturing processes

Over the years, Su-Pad has entered into representation agreements with some the world's leading suppliers of plastics processing machines and ancillary equipment, spreading to such unique professional fields as ultrasonic welding and laser welding of plastics products, or additive manufacturing (3D printing). In these areas of activity Su-Pad indisputably plays a leading role in the Israeli industry

In 2005 the Su-Pad leading team was reinforced by Mr. Ziv Sadeh, Pini Sadeh's son, who joined the company as chief marketing and sales officer specializing in additive manufacturing and plastic weldin

Nowadays, what makes Su-Pad special is the company's ability to deliver complex projects and turnkey solutions. Whether it is a customized production cell carrying one invariable workpiece all the way from raw material to the packed final product, a multi-application efficient and flexible production line, or even the installation of a whole production plant, Su-Pad can lead the entire customer project from design through completion, commissioning and running-in, assuring customer satisfaction through guidance and support

Todate, Su-Pad is considered the best equipment and service provider in the Israeli plastics industry, thanks to the company's choice suppliers, committed management and devoted personnel that spare no effort in order to supply the most appropriate machines and equipment along with professional, reliable service offered in fairness, integrity and responsibility

:Customers buying manufacturing equipment from Su-Pad are assured to benefit over the long run from two practices performed by Su-Pad routinely, usually at no cost to the customer
1. Repeated theoretical and practical updates on the equipment acquired from Su-Pad, and when appropriate Su-Pad will also organize on-the-job training courses in customer enterprises in order to enhance the skills and capability of plant operators and help them use the machines and equipment to the best advantage.
2. Current updates on possibilities to upgrade machines and equipment supplied by Su-Pad in order to optimize work processes, shorten production cycles and reduce operating and energy costs.
Thanks to its customer-oriented attitude, Su-Pad is held in much appreciation in the Israeli plastics industry and gains many repeat and new customers each year.